K On! S1 Free Torrent

K On! S1 Free Torrent

K On! S1

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Clean torrent K On! S1

Video: 10-bit CRF 24 client device with 1080p x265 resolution

Audio 1: Audio in English 192 kbps

Audio: 2 Japanese languages ​​at 192 kbps

sub1: Character and English subtitle of Semisult songs

sub2: English subtitles for Semisu

sub3: BD subtitles

sub4: BD subtitles

you can create a subtitle for the song song created with my software, it only takes a few minutes, you can upload your mkv file, it will do everything for you, just select the brand of your choice, including its free and open source

Screenshots. Fist of Fury 1972

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